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We Know You’re Going to LOVE Your New Dentures

We want you to have the absolute best dentures available. Our staff and doctors at Raritan Valley Dental work to create a positive environment that blends the highest quality of modern care with old-fashioned customer service. By focusing on our work, our positive attitude, and our patients, we pride ourselves on consistently delivering the highest level of dentistry and client satisfaction.

Convenience & Results

Whether you lost some teeth from previous wear and tear, or you are looking to have a fresh new smile, our dentures will give you the results you are looking for.

We will do everything in your best interest to give you the care you need. We do extractions, denture fabrications, and implant surgeries on site for your convenience.

All the Services You Need in One Place

Tooth Removal: Having a tooth removed is never an easy decision.  Oftentimes we’re left with no better options due to damage to the tooth or inadequate bone support of the tooth.  Having a tooth removed is in your best interest to assure your optimal oral health.

Same Day Dentures: Don’t miss a step with our Same Day Dentures. With some planning, we can have your dentures ready the day of your treatment so you can go about your normal life.

Replacement DenturesAre your current dentures worn out? Did you lose your dentures? Have your dentures broken? Don’t continue to use worn-out or broken dentures. We can repair or replace your dentures quickly and affordably to ensure your continued confidence and comfort.

Dental ImplantsIf your dentures are slipping, chances are you’re not smiling and may have difficulty eating comfortably. It is normal over time for your dentures to loose their grip due to natural changes in your bone structure. With dental implants, your dentures will be held securely while you eat and talk. There is no need for messy denture adhesives and you can start to enjoy eating your favorite foods again.

Regain the LOOK, FEEL, and FUNCTION of natural teeth

How to Choose Your Denture Dentist

If you are looking for the right dentist to make you a great fitting denture, you should find one who has training in cosmetic, and reconstructive dentistry, as well as one with the real-world experience to harness the insight of their training to serve their patients’ needs.

Combining information about a dentist’s background and results with your personal feelings about each candidate, pick the right denture dentist for you.

We look forward to helping you discover your smile!

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