Orthodontics – Invisalign®

Orthodontics is concerned with the treatment of misaligned teeth and irregularities in the jaw region.  There are many advantages to well-aligned teeth, including: easier cleaning, better oral hygiene, and a more pleasant smile.  Through our use of Invisalign®,we are able to provide patients with these benefits without the use of conventional metal braces.

The Invisalign® aligning system uses a clear, removable tray that gets teeth to proper position.  These custom made trays should be worn constantly, except when eating and drinking.  It is important to remove the trays when consuming food or drink because they can become trapped between the tray and the teeth, causing tooth decay.  Follow up visits are made every 4-6 weeks to check your progress, and a new set of trays are given for the next set of movements.

Please note: Not all patients are candidates for Invisalign® treatment.  Sometimes conventional braces may be needed for best results.  Ask your dentist which option may be best for you.

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